Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Tom DeLay-enfreude

I have mixed feelings about Tom Delay leaving Dancing With The Stars.

One the one hand, it's nice to see an old retired guy come out and shake it a bit, and a good liberal doesn't like to see anybody injured.

On the other hand, while he was in power, he was one of the half dozen most dangerously evil people in Washington. DeLay was the House of Representatives focus of the Jack Abramoff scandal. When he was Majority Leader, he kept a notebook on his desk with a list of every political gift and donation anybody gave anybody. When someone came to him to talk about a bill, he would open the notebook and say, "Let's see, how much did you ... ?" He also used it to keep lobbying firms from hiring Democrats. It was called The K Street Project.

So I'm not at all sad that he was hurt and will be off the air, just that he did it in such a way to come out a hero . I'd rather he had been a sniveling whiner about it.

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