Wednesday, October 28, 2009

ELQIS draft report posted

The ELQIS committee (or, as CDE prefers, CAEL QIS) is meeting today to discuss their draft interim report, due at the end of the year. See you there, or you can read the draft report here. The subcommittee workplans are here. The Design committee workplan is here. It consists of 50 interesting questions that have been or will be addressed at design subcommittee meetings. The first few are:
  • How will structural and process characteristics of quality be included?
  • What are the needed elements for licensing and rating programs in health, safety, and early learning?
  • How will global measures of quality (ERS, CLASS, PAS) be included?
  • What is the role of accreditation in the QRIS?
  • How will research-based curriculum be addressed?
I'm more cautiously optimistic than I was a few days ago, before I read the draft report. I like the fact that the design section says they should "Emphasize quality components in rating system that show stronger links to child outcomes, such as Process Components." Teacher-child interaction is a much better indicator of child outcomes than group size or ratios. I like the way they're approaching their recommendations.

The committee wants input by November 9 at Saddle up and ride, cowgirl.

The agenda also includes a link to an excellent discussion of the differences between ECE and K-12 teachers and classes.

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