Saturday, October 31, 2009

Orientation and preference

Gay men like masculine faces more, and straight men like feminine faces more. That is, both like sexually dimorphic faces more. Gay men disagree with straight men and straight women on which males faces are the most attractive, even though straight women like more masculine faces, too. Lesbians like more masculine looking women.
The study is the first to examine the facial feature preferences of gay men and lesbian women. Women's preferences are more complex than men's, as indicated by prior research demonstrating that ovulation, contraceptive use, self-perceived attractiveness, and sex drive all affect face preference. In this particular study, straight women preferred more masculine-faced men than lesbian women, while lesbians preferred slightly more masculine female faces than straight women or men. ...
Sexually dimorphic features in male faces include a broad jaw, broad forehead, and more pronounced brow ridge. A sexually dimorphic female face has a more tapered chin, larger lips, and a narrower forehead.


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