Wednesday, October 14, 2009

$65,000 per kid

The Navy is building a $4.2 million infant toddler center in Bremerton, Washington for 65 kids under 3.

That's $65,000 per kid. Am I just out of the cost loop, or is this high? Maybe I'm like the apocryphal* story about George Bush I at a grocery store, surprised by the scanner that everybody else in the world knows about.

They charge on a sliding scale "based on total household income, and ranges from $243 a month for a family earning less than $28,000 per year to $524 per month for those making more than $70,000."

Not to begrudge these people their child care, but can you imagine a Title 5 center costing $65,000 per kid to put up the building (although, to be fair, that may include the cost of toys and books).

*I really wanted that story to be true. Sigh.

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