Friday, October 30, 2009

Weight perception and sexual behavior

A survey of 7200 high school girls in Pittsburgh found that, for black and white girls, thinking they are underweight or overweight is related to the number of sexual partners they have and whether they use condoms, but in opposite ways, and there was no relation for Latinas.
  •  Caucasian girls who believed that they were underweight, whether accurate or not, were more likely to have had sex and to have had four or more sexual partners. Overweight Caucasian girls were less likely to use condoms.
  • Underweight African-American girls also were less likely to use condoms while overweight African-American girls reported four or more sexual partners.
  • Latina girls of all weights were more likely to engage in a wide variety of sexual risk behaviors -- lack of condom or oral contraception use, sex before age 13, greater than four sexual partners and use of alcohol.
When three different subgroups have two opposite results and one null result, it makes you wonder how much is static, and you yearn for replication.

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