Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A demonstration of telepathy

It has been shown in the past that both monkeys and people can be trained to manipulate stuff on a computer screen just by thinking about it (after being properly wired up, of course, with a headset that picks up electrical activity in the brain).

Now someone has made a circuit from human brain to computer to brain. Person one imagines moving the left or right arm. This imagining is physically manifested by electrical stuff in the brain, a binary signal that is picked up by a machine that amplifies the signal and sends it over the internet. Person two's computer flashes an LED light at two different frequencies, one for left arm, one for right. It is too subtle for person two to notice, but their wired skullcap picks up electrical signals from the person two's visual cortex, and the computer reads the signals and tells whether it was a one or a two, a left or a right. They say this shows true brain-to-brain activity.

This is really cool. I imagine pilots flying planes by thinking about it, or thinking a stream of words and editing them onscreen by thinking about it. Although guiding a wheelchair is a better short-term goal.

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