Saturday, October 10, 2009

Worst parent nominee: kid fights

I was looking for something else when I ran across this two-year-old story from England, but I 'm going to bring it up to establish a baseline for evil moms.

A divorced dad borrowed mom's video camera and found on it a film mom had made of her and her two sisters and grandma treating her two toddlers -- ages 2 and 3 --  like pit bulls, urging them to hit and kick each other. The boy was knocked down by his sister and tried to hide his head under a pillow to cry. “Get up – don’t be a wimp all your life.” He managed to knock down his sister. “Again while she’s down. Boot her.” He tries to run away. “Get up and punch her, you bloody faggot.” In the end, the adults are laughing, and the toddlers are crying

The four adults got a 12-month suspended sentence, and the mom lost her kids permanently.

It makes you think people should get licenses to have kids, and a course in child growth and development should be part of the permit process. And a psychological exam, to keep out people like this mom.

UPDATE: It's an epidemic.

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