Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sexy preschoolers in Australia

I hardly know what to say, except I'm glad I don't have any young daughters.
PRESCHOOLERS turning themselves into sexualised "mini-adults" by wearing bras, nail polish and lipstick are requiring psychological help in increasing numbers.
Child development experts said young girls were now entering their "tween" years between being a child and a teenager at the tender age of six - five years earlier than previously. ...
Child advocate Julie Gale was outraged to find bras for toddlers on sale at stores including Target.
Target defended the sale yesterday, arguing it was up to parents to choose whether they buy the baby bras. "It is totally unnecessary. A two-year-old doesn't need that," Ms Gale said. "They are tactically marketing eye shadows, make-up, nail polish and little bras. It is mini me."
 If this happens here (and please don't tell me it already does), we should find a way to shame the parents. Public shame reduced drunk driving deaths by more than half. Maybe it can reduce slutty toddlers.

I know about the Jon Benet Ramsey-style glamor circuit, but this is not only younger and more obviously sexual, it seems in Australia to be more widespread.

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