Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Worst parent nominee: Co-sleeping while drunk

At first I was very sympathetic to the mother. She went to sleep alongside her 6-day-old baby, and the baby died. Poor woman, and then they charge her with second-degree reckless homicide.

But then I read the article. There are unextenuating circumstances.

  • It's not the first time. Last year, the same thing happened with her 2-month old daughter. Or the second.  In 1993, her other daughter died while sleeping with the grandmother.
  • How it happened was mom was drunk on her ass from drinking Bacardi Hurricane, can't remember coming home, put her baby on her car keys on the couch, and laid next to the baby, pushing it's face into the back of the couch, and it suffocated.
  • Mom is a damned child care worker (or was until she was arrested for killing her baby). She should know better.

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