Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Drop-side cribs recalled; may be banned

Lots of places have discussed the recall of a million drop-side cribs monday, but this one has a photo (of a doll) showing just what the problem is. The hardware holding the side in place at one end breaks, and this lets the bottom move outward at that end. The kid can slide into the gap, get trapped, and suffocate. The article also lists other issues with this and other cribs. Just what a parent of an infant wants to read about with breakfast: more ways to accidentally kill your kid by buying the wrong product.

It seems the Consumer Product Safety Commission has noticed.
Asked on NBC's "Today" show whether people should abandon such cribs, (the commission chair) said she recommends that. And she said consumers also could order plastic kits from the manufacturer to immobilize crib sides.
"The commission will write regulations in the next few months and we will look at this issue about drop-sides," Tenenbaum said. "But I don't think drop-sides will be a part of cribs in the future."

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