Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Child care reimbursement at $2.64 an hour.

Oregon is just beginning to do background checks on other people in a subsidized license-exempt child care home besides the caregiver. There are two striking things in this article about how unhappy providers are that the background checks are delaying their checks.

  • They hadn't been checking before? In California, the discussion is whether to add aunts and uncles to the TrustLine-required list.
  • "In Oregon, such child care is subsidized at a rate ranging from $2.64 to $2.85 per hour." In San Francisco, the RMR for part-time hourly license-exempt care ranges from $4.53 to $5.58. In LA it's $3.36 to $4.07. In Siskiyou, it's $2.85 to $3.20. Tulare $2.79 to $3.02. In looking through the RMRS, I couldn't find one as low as Oregon. So, unless this reporter is confusing something, the entire state of Oregon has license exempt hourly payments in the range of California's lowest-priced counties.

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