Monday, November 9, 2009

PITC training North Carolina trainers

The training that North Carolina is using ARRA money to send 16 employees to San diego for is the PITC Trainer Institute.

They'll like San Diego in January.
  • North Carolina's "Average January temperatures range from 36°F to 48°, with an average daily maximum January temperature of 51° and minimum of 29°."
  • "January is usually the coldest month of the year in San Diego and the only month when temperatures below the freezing point were experienced at the National Weather Service. Only on 9 days has a reading of 32 degrees or below been recorded since records began in 1872 with the absolute low of 25 degrees on January 7, 1913. The average minimum temperature for the month is 49.7 degrees, the average maximum 65.8 degrees and the mean 57.8 degrees. Daytime readings often reach 70 degrees and occasionally 80 degrees and on January 10 in 1953 rose to a high of 88 degrees."
(God, I love Google. You want to know average January temperatures in North Carolina and San Diego? You have but to word your query well, and you shall be answered in milliseconds of time.")

In fairness to North Carolina, I know for a fact that the eastern part of San Diego County gets snow, and the National Weather Service is probably talking about the airport, right near the ocean, so how much the North Carolinians like San Diego weather probably depends on what part of San Diego they're in.

ARRA money is also building a 72-slot infant-toddler center in Visalia. Yay for free money.

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