Monday, November 2, 2009

More on catnip

Someone objected to me about the fact that I shamelessly give my cats catnip. Am I not afraid that they will become addicted? No. Am I not ashamed of getting them high all the time? No. Isn't that the same thing as buying drugs for my teenagers? No.

Look, they're cats. They sleep 18 hours a day, lolling* about in the sunshine licking their butts for 4, and the rest of the time they're eating crap (sometimes literally) I would never feed a person and looking forward to killing and eating raw a gopher or a bird. Why shouldn't they be high? Are they going to drive a car?

I feel about the same when I hear of people being kicked out of public housing for smoking marijuana. If you've got a crap life, living hand to mouth, no prospects and no prospects of any prospects, you might as well be high. Otherwise you might be much unhappier than you are. Think Soma. If you're a Republican reading this, think of it as keeping the underclass medicated so they don't revolt and take your SUV and your house away from you.

*Not a misspelling of lol.

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