Thursday, November 5, 2009

Skyline College's center may close

Another college child development center may close, because it costs more to run a Title 5 center than the state reimburses. Skyline College, in San Bruno, is going through something they call a Program Improvement and Viability process (i.e., figuring out what programs they can afford to keep), and the child development center may not be one they can keep.

They have 50 kids, half from single parents, who will go onto either the CEL or the private market. The parents, trying to go to college ... well, I guess it's just bad luck. They'll like their new job instead of school.

CDD will have another few hundred thousand dollars that won't be earned, because Skyline College can't afford to subsidize their CDD program. Good luck to CDD finding somebody else in the neighborhood who can afford to take the contract.

I have heard anecdotally of other Title 5 prog that are considering closing, because the SRR just isn't enough, and other funding streams have dried up. I wonder how many programs will have to close before the legislature raises the SRR to a level that pays for the state's staffing requirements.

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