Thursday, May 27, 2010

Who gets bit by sharks

So I'm reading this report of a study on who gets bit by sharks and how and when, not intending to blog about it. It turns out it's mostly:

  • in about 6 feet of water
  • surfers, because they spend the most time in water that deepjavascript:void(0)
  • leg bites, because that's what dangles in the water
  • during the summer
  • on Sunday, because even a lot of surfers work during the week
  • early morning and late afternoons, when surfers spend more time in the water
  • Whites, presumably because so are fish bellies
  • wearing black and white bathing suits
So far, so good, and mildly interesting. But then:
"The greatest number of attacks occurred during new moons, followed by full moons, the edges of the lunar extreme when the moon has its biggest pull on the tidal phase, Burgess said. Probably the moon's phases influence the movements and reproductive patterns of fish, the shark's food source, just as they affect human behavior, he said." (bold mine)
No, no, no, no, no. Full moons do not affect human behavior. This has been shown time after time to be a myth.

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