Thursday, May 20, 2010

More musing on music

I mused the other day about the differences in the my partner and I react to music. MP feels salsa deep in the core, and I get it from 12-bar blues. Some new research published oddly enough in the New Journal of Physics says the most important thing about music is the rhythm. They were looking at ways of improving algorithms that say, "If you like this music, you'll like ..."

We also learned recently that babies like to keep time and that the sounds of music are related to sounds of speech. "Happy talk uses happy-music intervals, and sad talk uses sad-music intervals. We also create music that fits our vowels, which are the sounds air makes as it flows through our oral cavity."

So maybe the fact that I spent my first three years in Texas, and MP spent her first three years in California caused us to be raised around different speech patterns, or accents. Nah, that's silly. Otherwise everybody in MP's social stratum in Southern California would like salsa, and every dirt farmer's kid in Texas would like the blues.

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