Monday, May 24, 2010

"the natural consequences of an immoral act"

Via Digby, you don't often hear right-wingers so explicit in their religious nastiness. In talking about a Utah Democrat, Digby mentions
"a failed Utah initiative to deal with STDs among teenagers and the fact that many of them will end up sterile, among other things, because they aren't educated about it and don't get treated. (The Democrat) relays the response from some social conservative harpy which was,'I don't think we should do anything to interfere with the natural consequences of an immoral act.'"
In other words:
  • God's laws should be the basis of public policy (and she knows what God's laws are).
  • Teenage sluts deserve what they get for violating God's law (unless they are related to part-term governors of Alaska, in which case they are paid $30,000 a crack* for speaking out against sluttiness).
*The pun didn't occur to me until after I wrote it, but if the slut** fits, wear her.

**You know I'm being sarcastic about a girl being a slut just because she got pregnant, don't you?

UPDATE: I just wrote the post above about thinking of mental disorders in terms of their biological processes, and I  think a little better of this lady. She's not evil; she can't help having her repulsive ideas, because that's how her brain works.

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