Saturday, May 8, 2010

Ads on this blog

When I set up this blog last September, one of the options was to monetize it, that is, to have Google insert advertisements. Sure, why not? I have dreams.

I put the ad panel way down on the bottom left, and so far I haven't heard from the ad people, and I think I know why, besides the fact that not very many people read this blog.

The ads are mostly for things no respectable child development person would think of buying. I don't want to single any out, mainly because they shift, and by the time anyone sees this, they will be different,* but while some of them are for normal products, like diapers and strollers, many others look like scams, such as magic treatments for this or that ailment; and many are for useless products, like baby videos. I'm glad nobody who reads this would click on them.

*At the moment, it is showing a nice ad from Penny's for baby blankets.

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