Thursday, May 27, 2010

Food supplements so preggers can drink safely

Some researchers have found that a dietary supplement called CDP-Choline, which  is sold commercially as a brain booster and studied academically for stroke and traumatic brain injury, may prevent the fetal skull and brain damage that occurs when mom drinks early in her pregnancy, at least in mice. The really bad time to drink is "four weeks after conception when neural crest cells emerge for a few days before morphing into other cell types that help form numerous organs," when she may not know she's pregnant.

As I read this, it might be a good idea for a woman who might become pregnant and who likes a couple of glasses of wine once in a while to take this supplement, in case the one night since college she has four glasses of wine and a margarita is during the window of neural crest cell emergence of a fetus she doesn't know she's carrying. It might be nice insurance.

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