Monday, May 24, 2010

Flash: cutting child care means people can't get to work

To people in the field, this was obvious, but now, at least, it has reached the consciousness of the Ruling Class. An article in the New York Times discusses low-income workers whose subsidized child care has been cut, so they lost their jobs, so they had to go on welfare. And it's not like people who qualify for APP or Title 5 are likely to be in jobs where they are irreplaceable. I've seen grumblings in the paper from California Democrats that they get that fact and that cutting CDD programs loses the federal match.

So when do we go off the cliff this year? September? I've heard people from CDE say October, but they think most of us will survive, and only a few of those will be really seriously injured.

I just realized that nobody who doesn't follow the California subsidized child care budget has much idea what I said above. So be it.

And in the middle of our budget cuts, I see a story (thank you, Google News) on 3 new centers being built at the  naval station on Coronado, near San Diego. Two are normal hours, and one is 24-hour. As with all military-based child care, the centers will be accredited and inspected I think it's monthly. I know someone involved in military programs in our area, and they seem to be really well done. The article says the reason they are building the new centers is that the existing centers are inconvenient for sailors to drive to.
Having a CDC on base is going to be great,” said Operations Specialist 3rd Class Nakia Levenberry, assigned to NAB Coronado. “I won’t have to worry about being late to pick my son up due to traffic issues, and in case of an emergency I won’t have to travel far to get to him. I also have the comfort of knowing he’s close enough for me to check on during the day.”
I don't think I'm jealous, because I don't want the military not to have this kind of child care, but I am certainly envious when I think of the May Revise and read about military child care.

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