Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Propositions have been given numbers

The Secretary of State has numbered the propositions for the November ballot. Here's my first run on them:

  • Prop 18: Water bond.
    Haven't decided
  • Prop 19: Tax and regulate cannabis.
    You bet. I'll  write about this between now and November. 
  • Prop 20: Gives Prop 11 redistricting commission authority to draw Congressional districts.
    Bad for Democrats. No.
  • Prop 21: Raising the vehicle license fee by $18 to pay for state parks.
  • Prop 22: Prohibits state government from taking local government funds.
    I'm inclined to be against anything that restricts the ability of the legislature to make decisions when they need to, but I'm not yet sure about this. 
  • Prop 23: Repeals AB 32, the state global warming law.
  • Prop 24: Closes corporate tax loopholes.
    Yes. I'm a tax and spend liberal, after all. 
  • Prop 25: Lets the legislature pass a budget with a majority vote.
    If anything can save California from the Republicans, it is this. Yes.
  • Prop 26: Requires a 2/3 majority vote to impose fees.
    No. It would make budgeting even harder than it is now.
  • Prop 27: Disbands the Prop 11 redistricting commission entirely.
    Probably yes. I think redistricting should be political. I don't mind gerrymandering.

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