Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Neurotic women and extraverted men have more kids

(W)omen with higher levels of neuroticism and more extravert men, are likely to give birth to a larger number of children in societies with traditionally high birth rates. ...
Women with above-average levels of neuroticism, prone to be anxious, depressive, and moody, had 12% more children than those with below average. This relationship was stronger amongst women with a higher social status. A negative association between maternal neuroticism and offspring´s physical condition suggested that high neuroticism carries a cost for the families. 
In the study of men, individuals with above average levels of extraversion, prone to be sociable and outgoing, had 14% more children than men with below average extraversion.
 They studied 4 villages in Senegal, but it matches my experience in California. Outgoing, likable guys are certainly more attractive than sullen jerks, and a lot of them get mixed up with some crazy women, whereupon the crazy moms screw up their kids.

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