Friday, June 11, 2010

How do gender behaviors start?

We know that little boys and little girls act differently very young. In particular, boys are more aggressive. And we know that parents treat little boys different from little girls. This study relates the two.

Researchers looked at the way moms and dads talk to kids during snack time and playtime. The snack time conversation was context oriented, the adult was in charge, and there was no gender difference.

At play time, things were kid-centered, the kid was an equal partner, and parents acted differently. Dads were more aggressive, and moms were more facilitative. The authors suggest the play differences teach little kids how adult men and women are supposed to act.

Could be. I still think much of it is the biology of the brain. I wonder how this relates to the fact that dads didn't play much with their kids until recent decades.

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