Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anonymity revisited

Recently someone contacted me after seeing this blog for the first time and questioned why I felt it necessary to remain anonymous, since I mostly just point at recent research and post pictures of my cats.

Well, it's the rude things I say about Republicans. My organization mostly attracts liberals and independents, but at my level and higher, there are several Republicans I deal with daily. It is not a firing offense to say over and over that voting Republican is a character fault, and voting Republican enthusiastically is a personality disorder, but it would be harder to work with these people day to day if they knew I consider them political cretins, which I pretty much do. They're nice people, and they're good at their jobs, some of which involve budgeting, but they are dangerously wrong about things like, oh, the 2/3 requirement for a state budget.

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