Friday, February 19, 2010

People don't like kids with working moms as much

Here's something a child care provider should be aware of: People (in this case undergraduates, all single and 99% childless) judge kids based on the working status of their mothers. Researchers had students watch videos of interviews with women and then the women interacting with their kids. If they thought the woman was either a stay-at-home mom or working part time to balance life and work, the students liked the kid better and thought the woman was a better mom than if they had been told she worked full time.

Okay, these are childless barely adults who think this, so they may not reflect how a child care provider would react. In fact, I would assume child care people to be more empathetic than random undergraduates. I wonder if they do think differently about kids who are in a program for the socialization versus needing child care to go to work. I'd like to see that tested. I'd hate to see them have negative expectations of kids of working moms.

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