Thursday, February 11, 2010

Jan/Feb Child Development Journal

I just got around to the January/February issue of Child Development. There is a special section on the effects of early experience on development. It looks wonderful, and you can expect me to talk about several of the pieces. I ran across a couple of them elsewhere and have already talked about them, such as the one about moms being important for developing executive functions.

Partial table of contents: (You can read abstracts but not articles without subscribing.)

  • How the Timing and Quality of Early Experiences Influence the Development of Brain Architecture
  • Epigenetics and the Biological Definition of Gene × Environment Interactions
  • A Quasi-Experimental Study of Maternal Smoking During Pregnancy and Offspring Academic Achievement 
  • Prenatal Antecedents of Newborn Neurological Maturation 
  • The Timing of Prenatal Exposure to Maternal Cortisol and Psychosocial Stress Is Associated With Human Infant Cognitive Development
  • Mothers' Antenatal Depression and Their Children's Antisocial Outcomes
  • Exploring the Relation Between Prenatal and Neonatal Complications and Later Autistic-Like Features in a Representative Community Sample of Twins 
  • Frontal Electroencephalogram Asymmetry, Salivary Cortisol, and Internalizing Behavior Problems in Young Adults Who Were Born at Extremely Low Birth Weight 
  • Late-Treated Phenylketonuria and Partial Reversibility of Intellectual Impairment
  • Placement in Foster Care Enhances Quality of Attachment Among Young Institutionalized Children 
  • Neurodevelopmental Effects of Early Deprivation in Postinstitutionalized Children
  • The Differential Impacts of Early Physical and Sexual Abuse and Internalizing Problems on Daytime Cortisol Rhythm in School-Aged Children
  • The Interactive Effects of Stress Reactivity and Family Adversity on Socioemotional Behavior and School Readiness
  • Early-Childhood Poverty and Adult Attainment, Behavior, and Health 
  • From External Regulation to Self-Regulation: Early Parenting Precursors of Young Children's Executive Functioning
  • Infant Pathways to Externalizing Behavior: Evidence of Genotype × Environment Interaction
And more. How can you not love a journal with articles like that? I can't write about them all.

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