Monday, February 1, 2010

Gay kids bullied more than straight kids

This may be the clearest example of a Sun-Rises-In-East! report I've ever seen. What researchers called "sexual minority youth" (a term new to me that they say includes gay, lesbian, and bisexual, but I imagine it would include other less common sexual varieties) are bullied 2 to 3 times more than straight kids, and gays bully other kids less often than straight kids do.

I guess it's worthwhile being able to quantify it, but the general result of this is so obvious that I wondered how they got anybody to give them grant money until I noticed they looked at already existing data from an ongoing study of 7500 adolescents and found the relationship.

So that makes it understandable. If there is an existing database, building a query is a small enough effort to make nearly any question worthwhile asking, and reporting on if it finds something mildly interesting. It would have been different if they had formulated a hypothesis, got a grant, recruited and surveyed kids just to find this out.

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