Monday, January 4, 2010

Letting community colleges give BAs

Assemblyman Marty Block, of San Diego, has raised the idea of letting community colleges give bachelor's degrees, possibly starting with a few subjects at a few community colleges. The point is that they can give them cheaper than the CSUs can, and the CSUs don't have enough capacity for all the people who want BAs.

This reminds me of the progression from CSCs to CSUs. The system originally had community colleges issuing AAs, state colleges issuing BAs, and UCs issuing doctorates. Then state colleges started issuing doctorates, ostensibly because the UCs didn't have the capacity for all our doctorate-seeking students, and they became CS universities

I don't see any reason not to do this. And if they need a pilot program to start off, I'll recommend child development at any of a dozen community colleges up and down the state.

Somebody like Tri-C EC should get in touch with Mr. Block and start some actual legislation.

Update. Assemblyman Marty Block is preparing legislation to do just that. Good for him.

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