Friday, January 8, 2010

Child care budget

The governor's proposed budget is out. It proposes to reduce voucher program reimbursement ceilings from the 85th percentile of the RMR to the 75th percentile of the 2005 RMR. They say they'll cut $77 million in costs there.

License-exempt care goes from 90% of family providers rates to 70%.

Stage 3 gets cut $112 million. They say it's because giving them an entitlement gives them an inequitable advantage over CAPP program applicants. That's true, it does. Or did. I need to see how much a cut $112 million comes to and whether any of that money was put into CAPP.

I think I saw a minus 0.38% COLA. That would be interesting, if true.

I expect Tim Fitzharris to explain it all to us shortly by email. If you're involved in California child care and don't subscribe to the CDPI information bulletin email list, you should do so right now. You can sign up on their web page.

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