Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Ovulation in lieu of perfume

From Science Daily:
... men who smelled tee shirts of ovulating women subsequently had higher levels of testosterone than men who smelled tee shirts worn by non-ovulating women or men who smelled the control shirts. In addition, after smelling the shirts, the men rated the odors on pleasantness and rated the shirts worn by ovulating women as the most pleasant smelling.
We shouldn't be at all surprised about this. Many, many animals get horny by smelling something wafting from a fruit fly or pig of the opposite sex. Studies have not shown the kinds of reactions in people that you get in insects or other mammals, but there is no reason to think we should be totally out of this loop. The fact that dorm roomies coordinate their periods is evidence of that.

And what does it mean for women in a practical sense? How does it change how you act? Depends on the time of the month and what you want from the person who is going to be smelling you, so first you have to time your ovulation. Then if you want sex while you're ovulating, don't wear any perfume to cover up the magic smell. If it's the non-ovulating time of the month, wear something with animal musk in it, to pretend you're a horny civet cat.

If you just want to be friends, but it's "that time of the month," wear some non-animal-musk perfume to hide your ovulation. The rest of the time, do whatever makes you happy, because he won't notice anyway.

I wonder what would happen if they did the test with other groups. I predict lesbians and hetero men would like ovulating women better, and gay men and hetero women would not.

I also predict that some football coach will hear about this and start filling the locker room with t-shirts of ovulating women to pump up the players (so to speak) on game day. I predict it won't work, because football players are already so full of testosterone before a game that any increase would be trivial. I predict that won't stop them from doing it and the press from reporting it as valid, because, after all, what guy doesn't want to sniff a t-shirt a fertile woman has had stretched across her tits? Just imagine the conversations. Worse, imagine the movie, with Bern Stiller as the coach and Adam Sandler as the scientist who brings the idea to him.

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