Friday, December 18, 2009

Incidence of autism diagnosis rising

About 1 in 110 8-year-olds is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, up 57% over 4 years ago, 78% of them boys.

Boy that's hard to believe, at least at first. But then it occurs to one that that's close to the number they say hear the voices and about the same as have bipolar disorder and OCD. Maybe about 1% of the population has any brain disorder.

And the 1 in 110 would include not just classic autists but a big chunk of the engineers in the country.

So 1 in 110 to be somewhere on the ASD continuum is not implausible, but it could as easily be due to increased screening and broadening of the diagnostic criteria as an actual increase in incidence of autism.

But if you add up all the disorders, even with some overlap, you probably end up with 90% or less "normals."

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