Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas dinner

I cooked a goose for Christmas dinner. I just realized I forwent the opportunity to announce dinner by saying, "My goose is cooked!" I may never forgive myself.

It turned out to be easy, and it came out good. I read Julia Child's directions in The Way to Cook and those on America's Test Kitchen website. (Link to recipe requires paid subscription.) I guess I should have picked one or the other, but exigencies (such as my apparent early-onset dementia) made me sort of combine them. I steamed it for 45 minutes on top of the stove and then roasted it for a couple of hours, covered and then uncovered. It was perfect. It looked just like the picture in the book.

I guess because of the dark meat, goose is as forgiving as chicken thighs, which are hard to overcook. This was wonderful. I made a pan gravy with the de-fatted drippings and flour and added the chopped, sauteed liver. Veges were roasted carrots, fingerling red potatoes, and thick-sliced fennel. Apple cider for the old and young, and champagne for the rest of us.

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