Tuesday, December 15, 2009

ELQIS interim report

The latest draft of the ELQIS interim report is posted. It includes a few decisions made and lists a bunch of decisions to be made. There are few decisions:

  • There will be 5 tiers.
  • Environmental ratings scales will be used; 
  • "(A)ll tiers include an adequate measure of teacher child interaction."*
  • First 2 tiers will self-report ECERS-R; after that, independent assessments will be required.
Beyond that, it's lists of questions with some principles on how to answer them. It looks like a good set of questions.

I'm in general impressed by the committee. I frankly expected meetings like the ones I attend at work, but all the ones of these I've attended have all been very productive. You hope people in positions to influence policy will understand issues and be intellectually open to discussion, but it don't always happen, do it? In ELQIS, it seems to be happening. I still have some fears about workforce development, and I haven't paid any attention at all to finance, but design and data are going along swimmingly.

*Actually that's a "members want" rather than a "we have decided," but if I list it as decided, maybe it will be. Magical realism works for Sarah Palin; maybe it will for me.

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