Sunday, March 28, 2010

Yup, attachment to mom is good.

A meta-analysis says kids, especially boys, who have insecure attachment to their moms as little kids have more behavior problems when they are older.

This is confirmation of what we have always thought. If there are any policy implications, they would be that we could save money (and lost kids) at the older end if we could find a way to increase attachment at the younger end.

I wish I had confidence that there is such a way. Maybe we could give new moms inhalers of oxytocin, one with a mom-size dose and one baby-size. Maybe we need to test all new moms for depression and treat all those with signs of it. Maybe we could take stem cells from a kid with great attachment and put them somewhere in the brain of a kid with poor attachment. Maybe we can change this aspect of human nature with genetic engineering. And maybe the dish will run away with the spoon.

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