Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday follies

Young cat looked so cute posing next to Our Lady of the Pond. Until, of course, I got the camera. Old cat is easy to take pictures of, because she rarely moves faster than slime mold. But young cat is mostly a blur, unless he's face deep in catnip. My partner had the great thought of putting a flap at the bottom of a partly open window, like a cat door, or we'd be opening doors a thousand times a day. We see him in the jacaranda out back, and suddenly he's coming in the front window. It's like we have twin cats. But we never see them together; coincidence?

On his other side, he has a shaved area around a single puncture wound. Most bite wounds have two holes, either side by side or on opposite sides, so the vet was perplexed. The next day, when I got home from work, I heard a huge to-do from crows in the neighbor's Tipuana tipu tree. Young cat had slipped out of his no-lick collar and was 40 feet up a 50-foot tree with crows attacking him like biplanes going after King Kong. So I'm guessing the puncture weapon was a crow's beak. I wish we could get him to lie in wait for gophers rather than climbing after birds.

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